TreyNet Realty Capital REIT, Inc. Raises $2.5M in First Three Months


Three former executives of Highwoods Properties of Raleigh (NYSE Office REIT) and the former CEO and Founder of KeySource Commercial Bank of Durham (now Bank of NC) have teamed together to form a new Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) called TreyNet Realty Capital REIT, Inc.  


The investment objective of TreyNet REIT is to acquire the land and buildings for retail stores (2,000 to 15,000 square feet) that generally do not compete with Internet businesses and lease these stores back to the retail operator, where the operator is responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance.  These properties are often referred to as single tenant, net lease properties.  More specifically, TreyNet will be purchasing convenience stores, auto parts stores, quick lubes, tire centers, quick service restaurants, dollar stores, and drug stores.


The advantage of investing in a REIT that acquires these types of properties is that they provide a steady rental cash flow with no construction, lease-up, or capital improvements risks.  In addition, the investor can participate in acquiring a diversified portfolio of commercial property without having to guarantee debt, manage the property, or find suitable properties to buy.  At TreyNet REIT, the investors receive monthly dividends based on 6% annual yield and will have the opportunity to participate in the target of the REIT being taken public or being sold to a public REIT within 7 years.           


TreyNet Realty Capital REIT, Inc. formed January of 2017 and headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, has after three months (as of May 4, 2017), met the requirements to break escrow with $2,500,000 in equity raised from 26 investors.  Part of these funds were used to acquire a 9,100 square foot, brand new Dollar General in Crossville, Tennessee with a 15 year lease.  With a line of credit not to exceed 50% leverage, TreyNet is acquiring two more brand new Dollar Generals at the end of May.  Dollar General operates 13,429 stores in 44 states and is an investment grade tenant with a BBB rating.


One of the qualifications for becoming a REIT is to have 100 shareholders—for TreyNet, that leaves 74 shareholders to go.  Management has a goal of reaching that number by the end of this year or sooner.  As one of the first 100 investors, you officially become a member of the TreyNet REIT Founding 100 Shareholders Club.  Founding club members will receive several benefits including invitation to an annual special event for the founding 100 shareholders.  


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For more information, contact Donald R. Draughon, Jr. Chairman and CEO at (919) 608-0790.