The seasoned professionals at TreyNet follow a disciplined process of sourcing, analyzing, buying, managing and reporting. The experience of the TreyNet team in underwriting financials, investing in real estate, financing transactions, and firsthand operations, will create a solid retail portfolio.

Through the management team’s contacts in the retail energy and auto care aftermarket industries, TreyNet will be able to go directly to the operators to provide sale/leaseback transactions to help them grow. Having operated over 300 retail sites, the management team will be able to underwrite the operating quality of the tenant. Financial analysis of the tenant and the lease are basic to our analyzing each prospect and calls upon our banking and investment banking experience. Finally, the fact that we have three former REIT executives on the TreyNet team will allow us to use best practices as we buy, manage and report the results of our net lease portfolio.



Identify tenants, contact directly, supplement multi channel approach.



Disciplined underwriting of the real estate, tenant, and industry risks.



Negotiate strong, competitive terms appropriate for market and tenant.



Actively manage portfolio, maintain quality, and sell assets as needed.



Maintain ongoing dialogue with investors on a quarterly basis.

Key Process Differentiators

TreyNet’s process of sourcing, analyzing, buying, managing, and reporting are fundamentally sound. The differentiators are the unique backgrounds of our TreyNet Team and how they compliment our strategy.
Thorough, disciplined investing will lead to superior results in this single tenant, net lease space. Following our proven process will produce consistent quality. 

To gain a better understanding of what TreyNet can offer to prospective investors, brokers, and commercial retail property owners, please consider our key differentiators, outlined as follows:


• Broad network of industry contacts
• Multi-platform approach to sourcing
• Preference for direct solicitation of tenants


• Extensive industry knowledge and experience
• Assessment of real estate, tenant credit, and systemic risk
• Diligent, thorough, transparent underwriting process


• An average of over 30 years of experience
• Expertise in real estate and investment banking
• Culture of winning and open collaboration


• Monthly pay-outs to investors
• Direct solicitation allows for above market yields
• Buying existing cash flow without development risk
So What’s next?

Learn How To Invest!

So What’s next?

Learn How To Invest!